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Thoughts on Approaching the End

As I have written my pancreatic cancer blog, over the course of the past three years, while I have held out hope that there might be a major miracle, there was the realization that this moment might come. Most of what I see written about the end is from the caregivers' perspective, since the patient is so often much too sick by this point to have the energy to write anything. Besides, there are often last-minute details which must be attended to. which take up all of the patient's remaining time. In my case, however, the Lord has seen fit to have me see the end coming before it is quite upon me, and to allow me to not lose my mental acuity before now. So I do have a few parting thoughts for anyone who has followed this adventure this far.

Cancer is a hard way to go, but there are a lot of other ways which would be worse. So my body fails me, and quits. Well, that happens to each one of us at some time, and in my case, I found out about it early and have had the time to prepare both myself and those around me for the changes. All of the paperwork has been taken care of, the finances arranged, and the arrangements made. All of the earthly things are done. However, the earthly part of this passage is not the one which concerns most folks, it is what happens next. For many people there is a lot of uncertainly, and even fear concerning their own personal end.

Anyone who knows me knows that I wear my faith upon my sleeve. To know me is to know that I love Jesus. He has sustained me through all of my life, and now He is carrying me through my lowest valley. I have full confidence that He will do exactly what He has promised, because I have seen in my life that all of the time He has provided exactly what was needed, and guided things along. Oh, I might not see it at the time, but when looking back on each good time or hard time, I can see that He has seen me through every time.

So now I am preparing to go off to my final reward. My future is assured, not because of any goodness I might posses, but rather because, in spite of my failings. Jesus paid the price for my sins at the cross, and has forgiven every bit of it. He says that He has separated my sins from me as far as the east is from the west. I go to my reward, not in my own strength, but rather in His strength, because He has done everything which was needful for me.

I know about Heaven only that which I have read in the Bible, and the information is not something I understand fully. What I lack in knowledge, though, I make up with absolute confidence that since Jesus has been so good to me thus far, and since I know Him well by now, that I have no worries about anyplace where He is in charge. With Him there and in charge, I know it will be exactly right. I have made my choice, and my choice is to live for Jesus, and to go live with Him forever.

But enough about my situation - what about you? Cancer is killing my body right now, and I have but a little time left, but your time will come soon enough. Are you ready? Today is the day! Now is the time of salvation. Trust Jesus with your whole life. Give it all over to Him. He is the best friend you could ever have.

Diehl Martin
Guntersville, Alabama
August 10, 2007

My pancreatic cancer blog may be found here: http://diehlmartin.com/cancer.html

Diehl Martin passed away in October 2007. If you need to contact someone, please contact Monica Martin.

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